Puzzles and Poems
Journey through the evolution of three generations of women Dreams, wishes, and curiosity; woven into stories which have crossed over time have found voice in this color filled work. Some of the figures are isolated in reflection, others reach out for interaction. I view the layers of painted color as moments playing through in the form of metaphors creating the story which has been shared yet remains unspoken. The series of Birch blocks were created to allow the viewer opportunity to experience not only the content of the work, but to enjoy more fully the act of exploring those calms and rushes of energy in the paint itself. Each set of blocks contains four images and a written portion of an open ended story. The story written on this set, which can be read when the blocks are pushed together, is the story of three generations of women held together by ideals which are the threads connecting one generation to the next; life experiences shaped into a cohesive truth. Our lives are like the painted blocks, energy fashioned together like parts of a puzzle with endless possible configurations. -Linda Green
Book of Threads Set of Four Birch Blocks 24" x 24" x 24"
This is the story of the small round child who presses her fingers to the lips of a one eyed doll and whispers "hush". Gently she tugs at the threads of a worn blue blanket. The child takes the threads, closes her eyes as she slips them into an envelope. She tucks them between the pages of her book, her lips form to make a wish as she falls asleep. The Dark haired woman watches from the door, resting her hand upon her heart. She moves to the child to pick up the book and return it to its place on the shelf. -Linda Green
Jumble of Wishes Set of Four Birch Blocks 18" x 18" X 18"
We took the blanket and shook it open into the wind and from it tumbled a jumble of wishes. They rose like a flurry of leaves and caught themselves among the branches. There they clung to flickering sunlight. We laid our heads back and watched them for a while. It was in that moment our paths bushed past one another and we shared that space in time. -Linda Green
The One Eyed Moment Birch Block with Glass top 20" x 20" x 10" set on 5" legs
In that moment I could see motionless trees of a time long since past, feel the pebble path beneath bare feet. The breath of Ocean touched my face and whispered one last wish in parting. -Linda Green
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